Help Bytes

This is a great little site. I found it by mistake one day, and have it in my favs, for when Yahoo! messes up. Often!.

Its basically a site that gives brief tutorials on various aspects of the internet and so forth. mainly dealing with yahoo! chat, but goes into Outlook, Windows etc too. Not made up of long complicated tutorials that often leave you more confused than when you first started. Just plain simple, to the point information.

Obviously knows what it is he/she is talking about and doesnt try and chat crap with stuff they have no idea about. If that is luck or skill i dont know, but it works so thats all that matters.

Dont seem to be a business site, so you dont get swamped with Pop-ups and annoying flashing adverts everywhere. The adverts they do have a small, discrete ads in the corner which dont get in the way and dont interfere.

Easy to use menu on the left means your not running around all over the place trying to find what you want. Since it seems like he/she knows about internet page design, and even offers some tips and tricks on it, its nice to actually see a site that follows the tips and tricks they give out. Sticking to plain and simple website that works, may not be fancy with Flash and all that, but works, so who cares? Obviously uses PHP and java for a lot of it, which is fine. its used descretely and used for a reason, not just because its fancy.

There is a forum on there, which i have never used, but have browsed through, allowing you to ask questions on things and let someone answer you.

Another great thing i like about this site is they make it useable. Printer friendly pages of the tutorials so you can print out what they say, without having to print out all the ads and crap that often comes with it. A feature which i will eventually ad to this site. I had it, but since i rebuilt everything i havnt re-added it.

overall, a useful well thought out little site. its like that Hardware store downtown that is small youhardly notice it, but yet has everything you want and cant get from the big places.

I give it a 9 out of 10 score. Mainly because they didnt happen to have the information i was looking for at the time, but still a respectable score for being reviewed by me. Im meannnnn ;o)