Terms Of Use

Outlined on this page are the various terms of use regarding this site.

This are by order of the management and all visitors MUST obide by them, understand? good

This site in general:

By using this site you agree to the following terms of use
-This site is provided in the hope that it will be useful, informative, funny, or make a good test page when your browser doesnt seem to be working. No Warrenty, Implied or otherise, is given as to the accuracy or compatibility of this site.
-This site has been built in good faith, and all scripts, downloads and pages have been checked for viruses and are checked on ragular intervals. However no amount of checking can ensure 100% security. I am not responsible for any virus, corruption, unlawful entry or otherwise strange happenings to you computer whilst visiting and/or making use of the content within this domain.
-Some of the content is submitted by other users and may not represent the opinion of the website.
-This site is a member of the ASR (Anti-Spam revolution). Spam or any kind is not tolerated and any spam bot or user found to be on this site with the intention of obtaining email addresses or other personal information will be blocked for ever and reported. The IP, Name and anything else of this spider, or user, will be passed on to other members of the ASR and other webmasters, and thus will be blocked from those sites too. Trust me, i CAN do it!
-Every care has been taken to keep this site within reasonable limits as to content of an adult nature, however i can not garuntee that all content on this site is suitable for all ages and care should be taken if allowing young children to browse this domain. However care should be taken no matter WHAT site young children are browsing!
-You agree to allow this site to use 'cookies'. These cookies are not tracers, or spyware or anything like that, their are used only to indentify you on THIS site and once you leave this domain these cookies cannot and do not transmit any form of data back to this site. No identifiable information is obtained and stored by these cookies and are mainly used to store recent activity and username and password if produced by a members area.

Email section:

Use of the emails section is subject to the following:
-These emails were sent to me by other people, most i dont know, and are the opinion of the original email creator, NOT of unclebobsuncle.com
-Some of the emails may not be suitable for young children and should be checked before allowing children to view the emails.
-They are JOKES, If you are offended by some of the emails, you can contact me and tell me why. If it is a genuine reason, for example racism, then the email will be removed.
-These emails are moderated to some extent. Racist, hardcore porn, or emails involving young children or persons under the age of 18 of a sexual nature will not be allowed and wont be found on this site! Any email sent to me for inclusion found to be in bad taste will be ignored, any email sent to me of a pornagraphic nature involving young children will be forwarded to the Police along with all identifiable information, including IP, email, ISP, and anything else i can find about you.
-The 'forwarding' feature is intended to be useful, and is intended ONLY to forward an email to someone you KNOW informing them of the page. It is not to be used as personal email client, or for SPAM. Anyone found to be abusing this feature will be banned from this domain and all connected domains. You can be traced and will be traced if you are found to be in the wrong.
-All the emails contained on this site are thought to be 'public domain'. Any reference to personal information or breach of anyones copyright is purly accidental and emailing me informing me of the problem will result in the email being removed from the site and the database.

The forum

Use of the forum is subject to these conditions, in addition to those outlined within the forum:
-The forum is a 'public forum', bare this in mind before posting any information that maybe personal or information you dont want anyone and everyone to see.
-This forum is not to be used by children under the age of 14. This is not to be mean, it is to protect YOU from the nasties out there who pray on young children. I wish it was possible to not have to worry about this, but unfortunately it is the case and to avoid any possibility of any illegal operations within this domain involving children must be prevented where possible.
-All posts are user submitted and are not the opinion of unclebobsuncle.com
-The forum is moderated, but this website is not my business and so is moderated when i have time, and so i can not garuntee that any posts in bad taste will be removed before you see them. If you see a post that is racist or in bad taste, please contact me and inform me of the post so as i can take the required action.
-NO SPAM. this is not a freeplug area. Any posts advertising products,services or websites will be removed and your account blocked. Links to homepages or other sites are allowed but must not contain any affiliate tracking codes. Attempts to hide this tracking codes will fail, im afraid being able to hide a tracking code in a link is a myth, and will be spotted!
-Any links to external sites outside of this domain are beyond my control and therefor i cannot garuntee the nature or content of any external sites linked to.
-To post in this forum you must have a valid account. By using an account you agree that you are the account holder. All access to the forum is logged, if you think your account is being used by someone other than yourself then contact me straight away so that the account can be monitored and a new account assigned to you.

The postcard center

Use of squeakys postcard center is subject to the following:
-The email capabilities of this site are intended ONLY for sending an electronic postcard to someone you KNOW. It is not to be used for SPAM, abusive comments or otherwise illegal or bad taste emails.
-You understand that the design of this postcard section is such that it DOES NOT send out a link refering the receiver back to this site. Instead it sends the actual card to the receivers email. All cards are checked for viruses and security measures are in place to prevent un authorised access or content to be sent, however this cannot be garunteed and so a valid, working virus scanner is recommended. Use of this feature to send anything other than JPG or GIF images supplied on this site as electronic postcards is illegal and will be traced and the required action taken!
-This postcard center is only to be used by visitors to unclebobsuncle.com, squeaky.unclebobsuncle.com and bobberboats.com. If you are using this feature from another domain you must leave now, and inform the webmaster of the domain that he/she is breaking copyright laws and has been recorded.