Ok, this is my guard dog Copyright, but I just call him ©. He has been around since 2002 and is now 1 year old in 2003. He will only answer to unclebobsuncle.com and bobberboats.com

What does he guard?
He guards the content on this site, which I own. All the images on this site were created by me, unless they are images which I have received via emails, in which case © is guarding them for their rightful owners.
Any content submitted by someone else is theirs, and © will look after it for them, he knows what is what dont worry. As well as my content and images, there are also in place images and logos that belong to various companies. © is under strict orders to seriously do harm to anyone, that means anyone, who tries to use them unlawfully. I have permission to use the logos in question, but that doesnt mean you do. So if you want to avoid legal action by the company who owns them, and more importantly, serious body harm from © I would suggest you seek permission from the owner or read their copyright information.

Unfortunately © can get a bit carried away, he loves his job you see, and sometimes he might be guarding something that he shouldn't be. For example there may be something on here that belongs to you, and you dont wish it to be on here, in which case a quick email to me telling me what the offending piece is, and I will remove the piece and replace it with a nice bone for © to chew on instead. However if you dont mind the item being on this site, but would like to make it known that it's yours, and thus give me permission to use it, then that would be great, and © will guard it for you.

What happens if I annoy ©?

You will be seriously harmed. © was trained from the age of 2 months by the British SAS. He is a highly trained attack dog with a killer instinct. He could be on you and ripping your arms off before you knew it. He is also trained in covert operation. This means he could be sneaking up on you without you knowing it and you wont know until your feeling goes in a limb and you suddenly feel rather faint!

However, you dont need to fear ©. He is a gentle friendly dog, as long as you dont upset him. He loves to play catch, and enjoys a good doggy treat now and then. He's a real softy at heart. He will often be friendly if you want to use something from this site, but you should contact me first and tell me what it is you want to use and where you want to use it. I can then let you know if you can or not, and inform © so he lets you carry on. However you must ask me first, I cant be held responsible for his actions if you dont ask.

So whats the bottom line?
This site is ©copyright 2003 to unclebobsuncle.com, and all rights are reserved.