Fast Food chains: We love to hate them.

The world is becoming one big fast society. America leading the way in the fast food market. If you drive down most streets in America, your likely to find at least 2 fast food chains on them somewhere, often coming in huge groups, of 7 or 8 fast food chains all in a row. Where I live, its about 7 miles into town. Down that short 7 miles you pass at least 20 fast food places, a Walgreen's, Super Wal-mart, couple of car dealers and a Home depot. They are everywhere, and are always busy. Now wouldn't be so bad (not much less, but a start) if people were waiting inside for service, but they aren't, its huge lines from the Drive-thru. People sitting in their cars waiting, they don't even get out of the car.

I have nothing against fast food. I eat it myself, there's no denying, in today's society, the idea of being able to grab something fast and easy is tempting. But to many people live on it. America has a huge problem with overweight people. I would go as far to say, it's probably one of the unhealthiest countries I know of, and it's easy to see why. But my moan is not about the fast food or anything like that, it's about the people who are unhealthy, and moan about it, but yet do nothing to change their lifestyle, instead they try and find excuses for it.
I had a good laugh the other day at Sonic. A car pulled in next to us. A large woman lent out the window and proceeded to order, for what I thought must have been 2 people. Were not talking a number 1 combo and ice cream here, oh no, we are talking burger, fries, hotdog, those cheese stick things, what sounded like corn dog, and some fancy icecream thing. She then was asked if she wanted any drink with that, and I couldn't help but burst out laughing, when she ordered a diet coke! Well least she made an effort hey.
But unfortunately that is a common situation. If you're over weight and you like to eat fast food and use the drive thru windows, then I don't care what you say your medical condition is, that ain't helping! Don't then go off and try and sue McDonalds because eating Big Macs made you fat!!! They have never told you it was healthy, it's no secret that McDonalds food is not part of a healthy diet. That's why you don't see nutrition values posted on their adverts! Same with places like Burger King. Hello, the place is called Burger King, we're not talking about food fit for a king here, the operative word in that name is BURGER. Don't be surprised if you then eat a burger.
Then we have the newest fad, "carbs". Seems every fast food chain lately has cashed in on this latest craze of low carb diets. So now you can have a healthy salad with your Whopper with cheese, isn't that something. I don't know really what started this low carb kick, I don't know if its American people trying to look more healthy like Europe, or if some "doctor" said it, or it may well have been on the religious channel, I don't know, but just because it is low carb does not mean you can eat more of it!!! And carbs are not the only issue here folks. Yes, maybe you should read those pamphlets the next time your at a hospital.

If you want to feed your face with fast food, that's fine, you are American. That is your God given right as an American to eat whatever you like. But don't bitch about being overweight because of it. Same goes for the rest of you people around the world. English, yes I'm English originally, and yes you don't find fast food joints on every corner, but that's not to say we don't like a good portion of Fish and Chips now and then. Full Fat full Cholesterol all the way there, the only thing that makes that healthier than McDonalds is the fact the fries are real potato, not powdered, but that's about it folks, but at least you folks exercise and try and keep healthy, for the most part.
Why not walk a little bit more, get out the car and walk inside to order your food, instead of sitting in your car in a drive thru. When you get to Wal-Mart, why not walk around the store instead of sliding out of your SUV into one of the motorized carts. Don't sit by the door waiting for a space to become available so you don't have to walk to far. Get some damn exercise.
Now I know some people have serious, genuine, medical conditions. Those people are excluded from this rant. If you are over weight, and accept your are overweight, and accept the reasons behind it, you to are excluded from this rant. But the rest of you have no one to blame but yourselves.
I don't agree with Medicare covering obesity, I don't think insurance should cover self inflicted over weight problems, I think you all should have to pay double for any treatment. If someone is a heavy drug user, and one day it almost kills them, what do you people say? Ohh it was their fault, they shouldn't get treatment, blah blah crap, same applies to you all.
If your overweight and moaning about it, and blaming it on something other than the fact its your lifestyle, stop eating fast food, learn to walk a little, quite wasting tax payers money and quit ruining my life!

I'm off for a Big Mac