George W Bush.

Those who know me, know better than to ask me about Bush. Unfortunately, those who dont will make the mistake of asking me. Well i thought i would say it all, once and for all, and then hopefully everyone will leave me alone on this.

"George W Bush is an idiot!" well i'll be damned, hold all calls please, we have a winner! Ive said that from day 1. If everyone had listened to me back then, maybe we wouldnt have the Texas ranger wannabe in the whitehouse, but as usual, no one did, and he got "allegedly" voted into office and now everyone is "Bush is bad for the country" hello? you voted in his dad, and then vote in his Son? what did you expect?

Luckily i wasnt in America during his Dads session, i was dealing with conservative party in England, but believe it or not, the American president effects English as well as America, just like the English Government effects America. Yes it is true, i know its hard to believe but it is true. If it hadnt been for Tony Blair holding Bush back, the whole Afghanistan thing would have blown far out of proportion. If it hadnt been for UK democracy in the World, America wouldnt have a friend in the World, Bush would have made sure of that, but obviously my main issues with both Governments are the International relations. Clinton did good for internetional relations. UK is probably one of the strongest Allies to have, just like America is probably the strongest ally the UK has, other than the EU, and well, seems we love pissing them off. But Bush is trying to destroy that relationship, pushing America out on its own with no allies in the world. He has this wild idea that he doesnt need anyone else and so forth.

The guy cant even write his own speaches! have you listened to that man talk? its hard to decide sometimes if i want to listen to late night sports comentry or one of his speaches. What makes him think he can run a country?
Sure he is good at business. Thats his field. He got into office by tactics not support. Florida issue was picked up by nearly every comedian, American and other on the comedy channel in most countries. Just so happened his Brother was it? was governor of Florida. Well hot dang, what the chances of that eh?

Now dont get me wrong. Im not anti war. I think Osama needed taking out, the Taliban threat was obviously a threat that needed sorting out. Even the Iraq episode, Saddam has long been an issue that needed sorting, i am not against all that, what i didnt like was the methods in which is was done, and the motivation behind it. Why did he decide to go after Iraq? he had to make up all sorts of crap to do it, so what was so important that he had to do it? Some say oil, but America is an oil producing country, so is the UK, thats a lot of effort for oil. The whole WMD thing was a joke from the start. So what was his real intentions?

Then we have the taliban etc. Where is Osama? the guy who he said was going to be brought to justice? hes still out there somewhere, but seems that little bit of fun has worn off now, got bored, so went after Iraq. Now hes bored there, so trying to pass that mess onto the UN and so forth, the same UN he wanted to bypass at the start, yeah thats the one.

Its all rubbish. His only real campaign this year is the war and how "Re-electing him will make America safer" how many of you feel safe at the moment? a muslim just has to sneeze and everyone runs for cover. A plane makes a wrong turn for a few minutes and theres a mass evacuation. oh yeah, I feel so safe now. Hes started something here he cant finish, bit of more than he could chew. But the whole war thing is easier to defend. So make that center of attention and no one is going to care about the screw up in the economy, education system, unemployment. Keep the population scared and they will do what you want. Well let me tell you something. i would feel much safer knowing that something constructive was being done, and actually being able to believe it was for the good of the people, not some hidden agenda.

I know if he gets relected, im going to look at immigration again. Thats fine, im not originally American, but i know a lot of AMerican citizens who would do the same, and the whole reason is, they dont feel safe here anymore. Im sorry people but Bush has destroyed the country. He seems determined to do as much damage as possible in his term. The next president is going to have to spend the first term fixing what Bush screwed up and trying to get people back on track.

But all you pro Bush supporters out there. Quit worrying about flexing muscles, look at your own countries problems for a chance and quit bitching about Bush, its your fault he is in the whitehouse at the moment, and quit ruining my life.